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Villa Booking Process

1. Check availability

Email your requested dates (and questions) to, or check the availability calendar using the menu options at the top of this page.

2. Request a Quote

Email or call us for a quote. The rates will be similar to the rates opposite but we often offer discounts and specials so it's always worth checking with us.

We often offer discounts for early bookings. Call or email for details and our latest offers!

3. Determine the Security Deposit

Rates do not change for group age or make up. However, we do reguest a larger security deposit for our younger groups. We need to talk on the phone to determine the security deposit.

4. Sign and return the contract with initial down payment

Make sure you find our contract reasonable and are prepared to sign a copy. We will email a copy specifically made our for your vacation that we ask you to sign and return with the downpayment and a copy of your ID.

5. Initial Downpayment

The initial downpayment is 25% to 50% of the total vacation price. If the vacation start date is less than 30 days away we request full payment. We take official checks, personal checks, money orders, credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). Credit or debit card payments are made over the telephone and are entered directly into a secure merchant account.

Please remember, the vacation is not reserved until we have a financial commitment and a signed contract.

VISA Mastercard AMEX Discover

6. Reservation Receipt

We will then email you a reservation receipt with the check-in date, check-out date and payment plan documented. The email also includes local management and maintenance staff contact information should anything happen to the condo during your stay.

7. Pay the Remaining Payments

Pay the remaining payments as agreed and reflected in our contract agreement. These are auto drafted if using a credit card. If paying by check we send out reminders on or around the payment due dates, so no need to remember payment dates.

8. Receive returned Security Deposit

Assuming your group complied with the contract (nothing broken or missing etc.) we then mail back the security deposit. Security deposits are due 30 days before check-in and returned within 30 days of chck out.


Rates for the following holidays may vary from the table to the right:

  • New Year
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Sunrise Red Condo Rates

Seven Days Four Days Three Days
Low Season 01/02/18 $1,580 $1,286 $1,077
Spring 1 03/01/18 $1,806 $1,444 $1,196
Easter 3/21/18 $2,710 $1,873 -
Spring 2 4/8/18 $2,371 $1,693 $1,382
Spring 3 5/5/18 $2,484 $1,806 $1,467
Spring 4 5/19/18 $2,710 $1,806 $1,467
Bike Week 5/23/18 $3,162 $2,936 -
Summer 1 6/2/18 $4,066 - -
Summer 2 6/16/18 $4,179 - -
July 4th 6/30/18 $4,518 - -
Peak 7/7/18 $4,405 - -
August 1 7/28/18 $4,292 - -
August 2 8/4/18 $3,840 - -
August 3 8/11/18 $3,275 - -
August 4 8/18/18 $2,710 - -
August 5 8/25 $3,840 $1,806 $1,467
Labor Day 8/30/18 $2,484 $1,919 $1,551
September 9/4/18 $2,145 $1,625 $1,331
October/November 9/29/18 $2,032 $1,467 $1,212
Thanksgiving 11/19/18 $2,484 $1,919 $1,551
Fall 11/26/18 $2,032 $1,354 $1,128
Holidays 12/14/18 $1,693 $1,580 $1,297

Rates are TOTALS and are a guide only and do not include any running discounts. Typically your vacation will cost less than shown in the table. We also have payment plans too. Please email for an accurate quote.

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